Horning Parish Council

Horning is a picturesque village along the banks of the River Bure. The Name means ‘the folk who live on the high ground between the rivers’. The Parish extends along the north bank of the River Bure to the Thurne mouth and includes the ruins of the Abbey and St James hospital also the 13th century church of St Benedict.


November draft minutes 2022

202211 November minutes HNG

December 2022 agenda

202212 December Agenda HNG

November finance meeting


Approved minutes October 2022

202210 October minutes HNG

Agenda November 2022

202211 November Agenda HNG

October agenda 2022

202210 October Agenda HNG

Approved minutes September 2022

202209 September minutes HNG

The Accession Proclamation


APPROVED minutes August 2022

202208 August minutes HNG APPROVED

Agenda September 2022

202209 September Agenda HNG