Community Engagement

Community Engagement

The Parish Council works with parishioners and hopes to involve them in all activities.

The Parish Council’s plan for community engagement for the upcoming year is:

  • the Parish Council writes an item every month in the ‘Horning Reach’ (the parish news) advertising it’s activities and informing parishioners of important Parish Council upcoming decisions.  The Parish Council has been writing an article in the Parish News for many years
  • The Parish Council advertised activities, and posts financial information together with minutes and agendas on the Public Noticeboard on St Benet’s Green
  • The Parish Council will be linking with the community facebook page more in future

Town and Country planning

  • Cllr Cavendish is Chairman of the Planning Committee, and attends training events as necessary to update his knowledge.  He also reports any new information to the Parish Council when required.  Cllr Cavendish organises site meetings of the Planning Committee as required for Parish Council responses to Planning Applications.
  • The Parish Council has considered writing a Neighbourhood Plan but because of the geography of the area there is little large development that could be achieved.  In addition, as North Norfolk District Council have not organised their levy structure, there is no monetary benefit at present to having a Neighbourhood Plan
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